Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about one of VIGO’s products...or about VIGO in general? Chances are, someone else has had the same question. Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

For any additional questions please see our Support page.


  • Where can I buy VIGO products? Can I buy from VIGO directly?

    VIGO is sold at thousands of stores around the country and on the most popular online retailers such as Home Depot, Lowe's,,, eFaucets, Menard's and hundreds more. Please see our Where To Buy VIGO page. VIGO does not sell direct to consumers.

  • Where are the products manufactured?

    All VIGO products are manufactured in China through VIGO-owned, as well as third party suppliers. VIGO employs a team of technical and quality control experts in China who work closely with all facilities to insure the highest standards are met during the product development and manufacturing process.

  • Where do VIGO products ship from?

    Most products ship from our warehouse in Edison, NJ. Some ship directly from retailer warehouses across the US and Canada. To find out where your particular shipment is coming from, please inquire with the retailer you purchased.

Product Certifications

  • Are VIGO products environmentally friendly?

    Many of VIGO’s products meet or exceed stringent testing and certifications for various state and federal environmental standards. All bathroom faucets are WaterSense® certified and all kitchen faucets are fully CALGreen certified. Further details of our environmental certifications can be found on our Certification page.

  • How can I tell which certifications a product has?

    Each products’ certifications are listed on the retailers site or on VIGO’s website under the Certifications tab.

Vessel Sinks & Faucets

  • Are VIGO vessel bowl sinks and faucets cUPC certified?

    Yes, all VIGO vessel bowl sinks and faucets are CUPC certified. The faucets also have WaterSense certification. Further details of our certifications can be found on our Certification page.

  • What is the size of the drain holes in VIGO vessel sinks and faucets?

    Drain holes in all VIGO vessel sinks measure 1 3/4” diameter. Drain holes in all VIGO vessel faucets measure 1 3/8” diameter.

  • Do all VIGO vessel sinks come with a drain assembly?

    If ordering just the vessel bowl, it may not come with a pop-up drain. However, all combinations of faucets and sinks come with a drain assembly. Make sure to double check whether the one you have selected comes with a matching VIGO drain. We also sell VIGO drain assemblies separate.

Kitchen Sinks & Faucets

  • Are VIGO kitchen sink & faucet products cUPC certified?

    Yes, all VIGO kitchen sinks & faucets are CUPC certified.

  • Are VIGO kitchen sinks designed with standard size drain holes?

    Yes, all VIGO kitchen sinks have 3 1/2” diameter drain holes, standard.

  • What gauge are VIGO kitchen sinks?

    VIGO kitchen sinks range from 16 to 18 gauges, with all having type 304 nickel bearing stainless steel content.

  • What is the standard warranty on all kitchen faucets?

    The Limited Lifetime Warranty refers to the finish of the product. Mechanically, they have a one (1) year warranty on sprayer parts and five (5) year warranty for cartridges. For further information, please visit our Warranty page.

Shower Doors, Enclosures & Bases

  • What is the thickness of the glass of the shower door products?

    Most VIGO shower doors and enclosures have 3/8” thick glass. The VG06021 has 1/4” thick glass and the VG06031, VG6071, VG6072, VG6073 & VG6074, which are 5/16" thick glass.

  • Are VIGO shower glass panels ANSI certified?

    Yes, all showers from VIGO have tempered glass that are ANSI Z97.1 certified.

  • What back wall materials can I use for VIGO shower enclosures?

    VIGO shower enclosures can be used with many different styles of shower walls. Most professional installers prefer a tile wall, which always complements the aesthetics and design of the frameless shower.

  • What warranties are included with Vigo shower doors & enclosures?

    VIGO provides a lifetime no-rust warranty on all hardware. VIGO provides a lifetime warranty on all shower doors and enclosures. For further information, please visit our Warranty page.

  • Can VIGO shower enclosures be paired with other non-VIGO shower bases?

    Yes, as long as the measurements of the base being used match up with the measurements of the corresponding base we would provide with the unit.

  • What are VIGO shower bases made of?

    VIGO shower bases are acrylic and fiberglass composite complemented with a wood reinforcement./span>

  • Do you require mortar for the installation of a VIGO shower base?

    Yes, all VIGO shower bases are set in a bed of mortar for proper installation. This would give the shower base a solid foundation, and prevent the base from flexing when stood upon.

  • Can a VIGO shower enclosure be installed directly on the floor?

    All VIGO shower enclosures can be installed either on a shower base or a tiled floor.

Shower Panels

  • Are VIGO Shower Panels thermostatically and pressure balanced?

    All VIGO shower panels are thermostatically balanced only, not pressure balanced.

  • What is the maximum pressure allowance?

    VIGO shower panels operate at a max pressure of 60 psi.

  • What type of connections are required for installation?

    VIGO Shower Panels come pre-packaged with two (2) ½” female threaded connections for the water supply lines.

  • What is the standard warranty on the shower panels?

    The Limited Lifetime Warranty refers to the finish of the product. A two (2) year warranty for all shower panel parts. For further information, please visit our Warranty page.

  • Which shower panels can use multiple functions at the same time?

    Models VG08005, VG08007 and VG08008 allow multiple functions at once.

Shipping & Returns

  • What is your return policy?

    Return guidelines vary from one retailer to the next. Check with the retailer where you purchased your product to determine specific return policies.