Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission, Vision and Core Values are what guide and inspire us to deliver increasing value within our industry each and every day. Our passion for innovation and dedication to serving our customers remain at the forefront of who we are as a company.

VIGO's Mission

To design and deliver the most luxurious, dependable kitchen and bath products, with the most up-to-date technology, while providing the best service to our customers and partners every day.

VIGO's Vision

Our Vision guides every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable quality growth.

  • Our People are our greatest asset and we make every effort to provide an environment that inspires them while encouraging knowledge sharing.
  • Our Products are among the top in the industry, produced with the goal of outperforming our customer’s needs and desires in both style and function.
  • Our Partners are the backbone of our success. Every day we work to strengthen and expand upon our relationships, while creating mutual and enduring value.
  • Our Profit drives us towards long-term returns, while we insist on remaining responsible.

VIGO Values

Our Core Values are the single greatest component to our company culture and success. They promote a productive atmosphere, while encouraging mutual respect and engagement.

  • Customer focus is at the heart of our success – listening to, connecting with and treating our customers with dignity and respect.
  • Teamwork means we work as one unit with shared goals, recognizing diversity within our team, while encouraging contributions from everyone.
  • Innovation allows us to continuously improve all aspects of our business – providing solutions that benefit our customers through a commitment to research and development.
  • Integrity is an essential part of our reputation – being honest, taking responsibility and being accountable for our actions.
  • Communication that is open and honest builds a strong foundation that collectively has a powerful impact on the company.