VIGO Industries’ kitchen and bath products are highly sought after and trusted from coast to coast. But what really makes us stand out against the competition?

First and foremost, when it comes to product development, we take extraordinary steps to make sure our standards exceed those of our customers. Whether voluntarily upgrading the thickness of a kitchen faucet body to exceed industry standards, or double and triple checking the internal components for consistency, compliance and durability, we keep a keen eye on every step of the process, from product development to ongoing quality control.

To maintain consistency of color and quality, VIGO houses a single, central plating factory. We use a custom metal plating process that sets us apart from many other manufacturers. All of our products are plated at the same factory to ensure color integrity. The finishes – whether purchasing a VIGO shower door, faucet or towel rack – will always match. That’s precision.

VIGO has high standards when it comes to certifications and sustainability. From early compliance with the latest CalGreen flow rate reduction standards, to nesting kitchen sinks for larger projects to reduce packaging materials, we keep the environment in mind. We are always looking for ways to incorporate efficiencies and innovations that improve our products, while improving the world we live in.

Larger scale projects are also an area where VIGO shines brightly. We excel on large project efficiency and flexibility with lower minimums and faster turnaround times than the competition. Our internal engineering staff is seasoned and well-trained, with the ability to provide expert 3D rendering and shop drawings for maximum efficiency. We also have our own shop for shower doors – a popular product for large projects – so everything is completed, start to finish, with our seal of approval.

When you buy a VIGO product, you can be sure that you are bringing a premium quality item into your kitchen or bathroom – one that will bring beauty and durable functionality to your home or professional space.