(Pictured above: VIGO Rectangular Gray Onyx Glass Vessel Bathroom Sink Set with Duris Vessel Faucet in Matte Black)




The same advice we offer for kitchens also applies to your bathroom. If you can’t make any major structural changes but want to make a big impact, consider switching out your fixtures. Bathroom faucets are easy for a DIY-er to install. They can be more water efficient, and in fresh finishes that jazz up your space. Try VIGO’s selection of single hole bathroom faucets for existing vanity sinks. You can also easily install a deck plate to convert any existing three-hole setups.


Our VIGO Leo Retrofit Shower Massage Panel (Pictured below) can change the entire feel of your bathroom. Unlike our other shower panels, this model installs directly in an existing showerhead outlet. It’s easy to install, with a luxurious rain showerhead, body jets, and hand shower.


VIGO Leo Retrofit Shower Massage Panel

The VIGO Leo Retrofit Shower Massage Panel



Need a way to switch things up without spending a penny? Comb through your home and see what can be repurposed in the bathroom You may be surprised!


For instance, when you place a beautiful vessel bowl bathroom sink on top of it https://www.vigoindustries.com/bathroom-collection/vessel-sink-collection, any vintage desk or dresser instantly becomes a statement vanity (See above image). Textiles can easily be repurposed too. Try re-hemming old curtains, spare bedsheets, or any other spare fabric for a custom shower curtain.




Builder’s grade homes often lead to bathrooms that are beige and boring. But a can of paint can easily turn any ho-hum bathroom from snooze-worthy to spectacular. Even easier? Try placing a few budget-friendly accessories—rugs, hand towels, even framed art—in colorful hues in your bathroom. It creates an instant pop of color without taking a hit to your finances.


Likewise, if you’re dealing with a bathroom in a, say, not-so-flattering color (Think outdated 50s salmon pink or powder blue!), you can bring in neutrals to tone things down. White accents like rugs and a shower curtain can make the color you’re dealing with feel more subdued.


Have you tried a budget bathroom makeover?


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