January 29th, 2018    3:22 PM/
By Sara
Every interior designer has their secret sources of interior inspiration. The perfect muse to bring any room from ordinary to extraordinary. Anyone can pore over interior design magazines to find inspiration for their home. But to think like a designer, you need to think outside the obvious. We spoke to a few expert designers on their sneaky sources of design inspiration. Read on, and get inspired for your next home project!
November 29th, 2017    11:35 AM/
By Sara
Hinged shower doors are a unique and modern solution for a variety of spaces. They look sleek in a private residential bathroom or hotel en-suite. Added in place of a hanging curtain to a basic stall shower, a hinged glass shower door creates an eye-catching effect in any high-end gym locker room space.
November 27th, 2017    9:39 AM/
By Sara
It's the final countdown of 2017! With the new year on the horizon, we're finding ourselves thinking about the beautiful bathrooms that we would love to see in 2018. Luxurious hotel bathrooms are always at the forefront of the most exquisite design trends. If you have a hospitality project in the works for 2018, we have a few fabulous ideas that will make your latest hotel bathroom project a showstopper. Read more to see our five favorite trends for the new year.
November 20th, 2017    12:25 PM/
By Sara
Where there is not an existing shower alcove, a full glass shower enclosure creates an ideal solution. A glass shower enclosure adds an element of luxury to any bathroom space. With their clear and minimalist design, VIGO shower enclosures offer an elegant simplicity that the end user or client will delight to use every day.
November 17th, 2017    3:56 PM/
By Sara
We were so delighted to exhibit at the Boutique Design New York conference and trade fair for the second year in a row. This year’s BDNY show took place earlier this month from November 12 to November 13 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in our hometown of NYC.
November 15th, 2017    12:32 PM/
By Sara
One of the most effective ways of elevating any bathroom design is to install a luxurious, glass shower solution. A glass shower door or full glass shower enclosure create a brighter atmosphere. This is especially true when installed in place of a hanging shower curtain which can darken a space. A sliding shower door is one of the most space effective designs available. VIGO offers a variety of hanging frameless sliding shower doors that add dramatic luxury to any design space. The glass doors allow light patterns to reflect through, illuminating the bathroom and creating an illusion of a bigger space.
November 14th, 2017    10:51 AM/
By Sara
Once you install any VIGO Matte Stone product in your latest design project, you’re sure to fall in love. The smooth finish and bright white shade is unlike any other material on the market for its use in kitchens and bathrooms. How can you care for Matte Stone and also keep the material looking as clean and pristine as the day it was installed?
November 11th, 2017    1:59 PM/
By Sara
The kitchen is the “command center” of any dwelling. It’s the de facto gathering place, where days begin and meals enjoyed. It’s where the end user will make daily plans and lifelong memories alike for years to come. Whether you are planning a full-scale kitchen remodel in a private home, a design for a high-occupancy luxury residential complex, or a home-away-from-home kitchenette in a resort, you want to create a feel of dependable durability and beauty in the kitchen space.
November 10th, 2017    9:39 AM/
By Sara
For you or your clients, the bathroom should be a retreat with a relaxing atmosphere that anyone would love to spend time in. There’s nothing more desirable in a bathroom design than a soothing space. You may be seeking a sleek and contemporary material that will evoke a sense of calm in a commercial bathroom design. VIGO Matte Stone features a unique matte finish that is both elegant and durable, the perfect addition to any bathroom. This solid surface can provide many solutions that offer both beauty and quality.
November 6th, 2017    8:36 AM/
By Sara
VIGO Industries will be on hand at the 2017 Boutique Design New York (BDNY) hospitality design trade fair this November. This will be our second year in a row at this major industry event. We hope that attendants of the event—be they owners or specifiers—will discover VIGO and experience the brand’s quality and value firsthand.
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