VIGO Nyos Adjustable Frameless Glass Shower Door The VIGO Nyos Adjustable Frameless Glass Shower Door features a hinged door fixed the a stationary glass panel


Hinged shower doors open outward like any standard door. This allows for walk-in entry. On a hinged shower door model, the hinges install on the side of the glass door. The other end of the hinge is then installed on either the wall, or a fixed glass panel, beside the door.


As the hinge is installed on the side of the glass door, the hardware can interrupt the totally clean, frameless look. However, hinged shower doors can be installed in a variety of spaces. They can be installed in narrow shower stalls, or in wider shower alcoves along with a fixed glass panel. There is also a greater variety of handle hardware for this type of glass shower door. Vertical door bar handles and towel racks work well, and add to the convenience of your bathroom.




VIGO Pirouette Frameless Glass Pivot Shower Door The VIGO Pirouette Adjustable Frameless Glass Pivot Shower Door features unique pivoting hinges. Not the style of the corner hinges.


One specific type of hinged shower doors are pivot doors. At first glance, pivot shower doors can so closely resemble hinged shower doors that they may almost look identical. Pivot doors feature unique hinges that allow the edge of the door to pass behind the wall or fixed panel as the door opens.


Pivot door hinges are usually placed at the far corners of the glass door, adding to the clean, frameless look of the door. The door itself can also be larger, and open wider, than standard hinged doors. But that’s assuming you have the square footage for a door of its size to open outward. Overall, pivot shower doors are best for people who need extra space to enter the shower alcove safely, like the elderly. They also provide an interesting and modern aesthetic feature.




VIGO Luca Adjustable Framless Glass Sliding Shower Door The VIGO Luca Adjustable Frameless Glass Sliding Shower Door features a top rail to hold the doors.


Sliding shower doors take up the lowest square footage, making them an ideal option for bathrooms where space is limited. They also offer a wider entry space. But, they can generally only be installed in shower alcoves that are 64-inches or wider. If you have a smaller shower stall space—under 30-inches—a sliding shower door may not be an option.


VIGO Ryland Adjustable Frameless Glass Sliding Shower Door

Note the bottom rail on the VIGO Ryland Adjustable Frameless Glass Sliding Shower Door.


In most models, the sliding rail for the door either rests on the floor, or stretches across the top of the alcove for the door to hang from. You can choose your desired model depending on your preference. A top rail creates visual interest, though a bottom rail evokes a cleaner look.


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