VIGO bathroom sink and faucet, well-placed in a small bathroom

The bathroom mirror placed over the sink catches the light from a nearby window, making this bathroom appear larger. (Pictured: VIGO Rectangular White Frost Glass Vessel Bathroom Sink with Shadow Vessel Faucet in Chrome)

A mirror is as ubiquitous in a bathroom as a sink and a faucet! But the bathroom mirror can serve a much larger purpose than for grooming and morning routines. Mirrors reflect light around a room, and are one of the easiest design tricks to make a room seem larger. If your bathroom is windowless, a mirror can act as an imitation “window” to brighten up the space.


Try an oversized, framed bathroom mirror or medicine cabinet above the sink. But don’t be limited to just the over-the-vanity wall space! Try strategically placing a few smaller mirrors on other parts of the room to further enhance the bathroom.




The bathroom seems like a great place to flex your design creativity. After all, it’s an essential part of your home! It’s the perfect opportunity to try out some hot design trends. While darker, bolder colors work great in some bathrooms, in a smaller space they run the risk of making the room look cavernous instead of spacious.


Choose lighter colors and tiles, rather than darker shades. Craving the darker end of the spectrum? Try keeping your wall color or tile light, and install a bold, dark floor tile. You can embrace your dark side without seeming to shrink your bathroom space.




A few well-placed sight lines will create the illusion of a larger space. A window can be a godsend in a small bathroom. Assuming, that is, that they’re used to their fullest potential in the space.


Heavy curtains can weigh down a room, blocking natural light from windows. If you’re concerned for privacy, try light-colored, gauzy curtains instead that will easily let the light through. Or, try frosted glass on the window. There are inexpensive window treatments that will create a frosted glass effect—providing privacy without sacrificing valuable sunlight.


VIGO Elan Framless Glass Tub Door

The VIGO Elan Framless Glass Tub Door brightens up what was once a closed-off alcove of the bathroom.

A bulky shower curtain can also make an already-small bathroom look smaller. Even if it’s in a light shade or sheer fabric, it can cut off the tub or shower area and shrink the space. A frameless clear glass shower door will bring the previously-hidden area into view.


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