Starting in January 2018, you will now be able to exchange all major forms of cryptocurrencies to shop directly on This new development will offer customers the convenience and security of exchanging a number of major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash among others for VIGO’s luxury line of plumbing fixtures, shower doors, faucets, sinks and more. Users will be able to complete transactions securely, utilizing their digital wallet and blockchain technology. VIGO will be able to ship to customers exchanging with cryptocurrencies around the globe.


This marks the first time that customers will have the convenience of exchanging cryptocurrency for VIGO products and solutions. Until now, customers were required to purchase VIGO items through third-party home improvement and e-commerce retailers. VIGO is also the first manufacturer in the kitchen and bath fixtures industry to allow transactions with digital currency.




We consider ourselves a digital brand at heart. After all, we are a brand that was born online and grew online. That’s why we’re especially excited to take this next step and enter the realm of digital currency. We believe that this convenience creates a new and innovative customer experience, and it’s our pleasure to share this latest news with you.


We will begin rolling out our cryptocurrency functionality in January 2018. Stay tuned for more cryptocurrency news from VIGO!


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