The hinges are the key component to this a door of this design. They can also be one of the trickiest pieces of hardware to deal with, especially in a shower door model. Not only does the hinge need to secure the door, they also need to work to seal the door against water leakage. Other hardware is also integral to the functionality of a hinged shower door model. End users will often prefer magnetic closures to keep the door shut while the shower is in use, and the most secure seal strips on the market to prevent leaks.



Shower Door Hinges Comparison

All VIGO shower door and enclosures feature signature sealed through hinges. A seal strip is already integrated into each hinge to prevent leakage without any additional cutting. This shower door, which we’ll call Model B, does not feature such hinges. The installer will have to cut seal strips to fit through the hinges, then thread them through during install. As well, shower door Model B lacks a magnetic closure to seal the door shut. The door could open while the shower is in use, causing water and structural damage down the line. The door and wall seal strips for this hinged shower door model also secure in place with double-sided tape. This is by no means a permanent solution. With exposure to humidity over time, the tape will fail, needing regular replacement.


Unlike VIGO, the hinges on this shower door, which we’ll call Model C have no adjustability in the opening size. All measurements must be precise. Much like Model B, Model C’s door hinges are not sealed, so a seal strip would have to be cut and threaded through to prevent leaks. One strange quirk about this model concerns the degrees of the hinges, which come automatically set at 85 degrees. They installer must adjust them by hand to 90 degrees for the shower door to open fully. Model C does not offer a magnetic closure for the model, and seal strips must also attached to the door and wall with double-sided tape. Leaks will be inevitable over time.




From the outset, VIGO’s hinged shower door hinges offer up to 1/2" in adjustability, meaning they’re easier to install and will stay level as walls shift over time. As a bonus, all VIGO shower hardware is guaranteed to be consistent due to our in-house plating shop.


Interested in specifying VIGO frameless hinged shower doors in your next design project? Our architectural and engineering teams can accommodate large-scale orders as well as custom hardware finishes, glass finishes and sizes. Contact us at or call 866-591-7792 to get started.


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