Cleaning chemicals are often stored in the kitchen, often in lower cabinets where a child could easily access them. Locking away any harmful cleaners or chemicals should be one of the first steps in childproofing that you should take. Store chemicals in an upper cabinet, or keep them secure with a childproof lock. Also, consider using all-natural green cleaners instead to virtually eliminate the risk of accidental poisoning.


There are a number of childproof locks that can be installed on lower cabinets and drawers to prevent a small child from opening them. Everything from plastic latches, to magnetic latches to full lock-and-key sets are available and are easy to install.


Image of knives in a butcher block, with stovetop nearby Keeping sharp knives out of reach, and teaching proper oven safety are both easy ways to ensure child safety in the kitchen

Keep any dangerous cooking tools stored securely as well, including knives, anything with sharp edges or heavy appliances. These should also be behind childproof locks in cabinets or in drawers.




A child may be temped to climb in the kitchen, or struggle to reach objects. Be sure to secure any freestanding shelving or appliances by anchoring them to the wall. This will prevent them from potentially toppling over.


An image of open shelving in a kitchen, with objects sealed and stored high above a child's reach Storing objects in childproof containers on high shelving will keep children safe


Always be aware of objects left where a child can reach them on a countertop, including knives, china or heavy pots that could fall on a child should they try to grab them.




While every parent ought to be concerned for their child’s safety in the kitchen, general kitchen skills and safety are easy and essential tips for parents to begin teaching their children at a young age.


Always be aware of your interaction with children while you’re cooking. Teach small children that the oven is off limits from the time they are mobile. Instruct them that they must remain a safe distance from the oven at all times, even if you are standing nearby. When opening an oven while it is hot, ensure children are far away. Never carry a child while opening the oven, while using sharp kitchen tools or while handing anything hot.


This by no means should encourage any parent to keep their child out of the kitchen. Securing a young child in a high chair is a great way to keep them safe, while allowing them to interact with family members in the kitchen. Older children can learn about basic cooking safety, and can be taught how to safely help use cooking utensils. Above all, parents can easily promote child safety in the kitchen, while keeping their kitchen as the heart of the home for the entire family to enjoy safely.


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