Bring durability and high design into your bathroom as well with the assortment of VIGO Matte Stone Vessel Bathroom Sinks. Inspired by organic, natural shapes, each beautiful sink is sure to be a long-lasting fixture. Each Vessel Sink installs directly on the countertop, immediately creating an impressive display reminiscent of a marble sculpture.


VIGO Matte Stone offers a modern and understated alternative to other materials. Shiny porcelain sinks are so ubiquitous in bathroom design and have become underwhelming as a result. Matte Stone sinks feature an unexpected matte finish that also creates unique texture in the space. And unlike porcelain sinks, VIGO Matte Stone is seamless and solid-core. Porcelain runs the risk of the enamel coating cracking or chipping over time, resulting in unsightly marks where the dark underlayer shows through underneath. Matte Stone consists of one solid surface all the way through. That means each Vessel Sink is guaranteed not to crack or chip, remaining flawless for years to come.

 VIGO Magnolia Matte Stone Vessel Sink with Titus Wall Mount Faucet

By its design, VIGO Matte Stone is a low-maintenance, easy to care for material that’s ideal for applications in bathroom settings. The non-porous surface prevents bacteria growth making it hygienic. The sink can easily be wiped down with gentle liquid household cleaners for regular cleaning. Any stubborn stains can also be removed by simply buffing with an abrasive cleaning sponge.




Spacious and beautiful VIGO Matte Stone Bathtubs are also available for custom projects in a variety of stunning designs. These gorgeous freestanding tubs serve as both a place to relax and as a beautiful sculpture to be the centerpiece of any modern bathroom.


Interested in incorporating VIGO Matte Stone in your next design? We’re proud to facilitate custom designs and high-volume orders to best assist you. Please contact our team directly at or call us at 866-591-7792.


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