When it comes to long-lasting beauty and strength, there’s no better choice than VIGO’s signature Matte Stone™. It’s a reliable kitchen solution your clients will adore. We’re proud to offer a range of modern Farmhouse Sinks crafted in Matte Stone for use in any kitchen design.





VIGO Matte Stone Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

The VIGO Matte Stone Farmhouse Kitchen Sink collection features a classic apron front style with a modern twist, perfect for both the contemporary kitchen and the rustic kitchen design. Offered in a variety of styles, each model is also reversible for anadded custom look. Choose to install any model with the sleek, flat apron front on display, or the distinctive characteristic front to add dimension to the space.


Each of our VIGO Matte Stone Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks features the unmatched resiliency and durability that our customers respect and value. They are guaranteed to withstand a lifetime of dinners and dish duty. For added protection, each of our Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks also boasts a glazed interior to add extra protection against food stains that are often so unavoidable in a busy kitchen.


VIGO Matte Stone Double Bowl Farmhouse Kitchen Sink


VIGO Matte Stone provides a refreshing and interesting alternative to bulky cast iron or delicate fireclay, both of which have a glossy finish that can feel passé in a modern kitchen design. The matte finish is silky to the touch, providing unexpected texture in the kitchen space. Furthermore, VIGO Matte Stone is solid-core and seamless, unlike cast iron or fireclay. Over time, the enamel on cast iron, fireclay and similar materials can crack to reveal the dark sublayer. These unsightly blemishes are difficult to fix. Since Matte Stone consists of one solid surface, with no sublayers, there is no risk of cracking or chipping. The sink will always look as white and pristine as the day it was installed.




When it comes to bringing Matte Stone into your next kitchen project, kitchen sinks are just the beginning. Our expert engineering team is always on hand to work on custom designs and materials for any kitchen needs. Have an idea? Need some inspiration? We’re on hand to help. Contact us directly at salesteam@vigoindustries.com or call us at 866-591-7792 for more information.


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