Not only are VIGO shower enclosures easy to install, they are also one of the most superior lines in the market. Compare the hardware of two similar models to the VIGO VG6011 model and see the difference for yourself.



 Shower Enclosure Hinges Comparison

Many VIGO shower enclosures come standard with VIGO’s innovative sealed-through door hinges. The hinges feature an integrated seal within the mechanism that prevents water leakage through the seal. Note shower enclosure Models B & C below do not feature hinges with an integrated seal. Each of these models also requires the installer to specially cut included seal strips to get around the seal and thread the cut strip through grooves in the seal. Not only is this an additional step in the install that can be tricky to accomplish, it consequently increases the risk that water can leak out of the shower enclosure through the hinges.

 Shower Enclosure Hinges Comparison

VIGO shower enclosure hinges (pictured at the bottom of the image) also feature thicker gaskets. This ensures a tighter seal onto the glass for additional leak protection. Other shower enclosure models have significantly thinner gaskets on their door hinges. In turn, this creates a weaker seal to the glass, potentially decreasing the integrity of the shower enclosure over time.



 Shower Enclosure Glass Support Comparison

VIGO’s shower enclosures feature added protection in the glass supports for each model. Our glass supports also always feature a seal strip on the side of the glass that sits against the wall. Both Models B & C lack this feature. Gaskets always come standard attached to every VIGO shower enclosure glass support. The end user will never have to worry about a gasket sliding or turning out of place. As a bonus, the glass supports come with covers for a sleek, clean look.

 Shower Enclosure Glass Support Comparison

But most of all, VIGO shower enclosure glass supports offer adjustability on the wall side. This model, the VG6011, offers up to 10mm of adjustment. Most importantly, the installer will not have to drill another hole if the glass does not align properly. Models B & C offer no adjustability. If the alignment is off by even 1 mm, another hole will have to be drilled.



 Shower Enclosure Support Arm Comparison

Most shower enclosures require a support arm to brace the structure safety against the install walls. All VIGO parts for structural support are ready to install right out of the packaging. Models B & C come assembled in their packaging—this is not a benefit to the installer; the pieces will have to ultimately be disassembled for proper install.


VIGO shower enclosure support arms also offer nearly 15mm of adjustability. Model B offers no adjustability in their support arms. Model C offers less than 6mm of adjustment, assuming the installer has drilled accurately. Interested in specifying VIGO frameless shower enclosures in your next design project? Our architectural and engineering teams can accommodate large-scale orders as well as custom hardware finishes, glass finishes and sizes. Contact us at or call 866-591-7792 to get started.


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