What makes VIGO Shower Massage Panels different from other shower systems is that three components: the showerhead, hand shower and body jets, are all included in one easy-to-install system. There is no need to purchase and install each individual component separately. Instead, the one durable VIGO shower panel creates a multifunctional solution in your bathroom renovation.


Each of our VIGO shower panels features a luxurious showerhead, a massaging hand shower for added convenience and a variety of spa-quality body jets for the utmost in relaxation. When you install a VIGO shower massage panel in your bathroom, you’re turning your daily shower into an experience.


VIGO Shower Panels are easy to install, and always lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant. Each panel come pre-plumbed with standard 1/2” connections and a setup that works for both flat wall or corner installations. Simply connect the plumbing connections to the existing waterlines in the wall, then use the included bracket system to mount the panel. Our bracket system allows the panel to stay securely in place. It’s also easy to remove in the event of cleaning or maintenance needs.


Not easy enough to install for your needs? Our new VIGO Leo Retrofit Shower Massage Panel boasts our easiest installation yet. This innovative model is designed to connect directly to an existing showerhead outlet. As a result, this model is optimal for renters who want to bring the spa to their bathroom.


Each shower panel feature up to 4 diverter valves, depending on the model. This allows the user to operate more than one feature at a time for a comprehensive showering experience. Additional features include convenient tub and bucket fillers (On our Palmyra and Mateo models), as well as shaving mirrors and water thermometers (Also on our Palmyra and Emory models, respectively).


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