Shower Door Wall Mount Assembly

Note these three examples of a hanging, sliding shower door wall mount assemblies. VIGO’s design, on the left, allows for up to 13mm adjustability in any direction. Model B, in the middle, does not allow for any adjustability. Model C, on the right offers, at best, only 6mm adjustment—assuming a correct install



 Roller Weight Comparison

VIGO’s sliding shower door model features a larger, heavier roller weight. This may seem strange, but the weight of the roller and its interior elliptic design offers the greatest stability. Compare this to the smaller, lighter rollers of Models B and C. The elliptic is also in the cap of Models B and C, not in the roller itself. Altogether, this leads to a less stable roller.

                                                                                                              VIGO Roller Weight Details    VIGO Roller Weight Details

The elliptical adjustment in the roller allows the installer to adjust the door to out of plumb walls up to 1/4". On the left, the roller is offset at the highest point of the glass, while the right shows the roller offset at the lower point of the glass. The total adjustment capacity falls within this distance between the two offset limits. VIGO offers more adjustment space than any other door on the market.



Fixed Panel Holder Details

Right from ship, the holders for the fixed panel of the sliding shower door come already attached to the structural rail. This is unlike those of Models B & C, which need to be assembled fully prior to installation. VIGO’s model has greater flexibility due to the screw threading, and also uses the maximum width of the oval opening for greater adjustability.


Walls shift over time, that’s a given. VIGO’s capabilities in adjustability ensure these doors will remain a long-lasting fixture in your project, whether they are installed in a private home in a sleek master bathroom, or as the entrance to a spacious walk-in shower in a luxury resort suite.


Interested in specifying VIGO frameless sliding shower doors in your next design project? Our architectural and engineering teams can accommodate large-scale orders as well as custom hardware finishes, glass finishes and sizes. Contact us at sales@vigoindustries.com or call 866-591-7792 to get started.


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