You may be tempted to think of great architecture as purely exterior design. But the beautiful shapes and angles of a city building, or intricate details of an old home, can easily be repurposed in interior design inspiration.


A custom VIGO Matte Stone Kitchen Sink


This Matte Stone Kitchen Sink was a custom project created by VIGO’s in-house design team. The inspiration? The angular exterior of a building in our hometown of New York City.


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Another exterior element that’s sure to inspire your interior? Your own environment. Live in an area surrounded by stately oak trees? You may love the look of oak hardwood floors or oak veneer on furniture. Yellow roses in your garden? Try painting an accent wall in the same hue, or peppering a few yellow throw pillows in your living room.


A modern living room with a showcase window


You can also bring the environment inside your design itself quite literally. In this modern living room, a large round window was installed, allowing the landscape outside to serve as its own work of art. In a seasonal climate, the view will always change. The fall foliage looks beautiful in this room now, but this window will also showcase spring blossoms and crisp snowfalls too. The environment creates interior inspiration that keeps on giving!




So much of a room’s design depends on color and texture. The same things that make the composition of paintings, prints and photographs so interesting. If you have a favorite painting or a photograph that brings you joy, let it inspire your interior surroundings.


An open concept living room, with colors inspired by the paintings on the wall 


This open concept dining room/living room combo features textures and shades inspired by the two pieces of art hanging on the wall. With pops of red against neutrals, the cityscape painting creates an instant color palette for the space. The iconic shape of the Eiffel Tower painting plays into the shape of the dining room chairs. Altogether, the pieces of art create a cohesive space.




Put down the interior design magazine, and pick up the fashion magazine. Oftentimes, fashion trends and interior design trends overlap. But fashion can give you a fresh perspective on popular trends. This can go beyond the colors and textures of the clothes, but even in the shoots themselves!


A modern tablescape inspired by a fashion editorial


You can even look beyond the clothes and into the background of a high fashion editorial shoot. This tabletop display in a modern living room was inspired by a desert-themed fashion shoot.


What sources do you go back to again and again for interior design inspiration?


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