SureStop™ – Select Shower Enclosures

Stopping mechanism prevents door from hitting wall.


Flex-Sizing™ (already in use on site, so is this already trademarked? Up to date?) – Shower Collection

This larger adaptability assures that your VIGO product will continue to function properly for years to come as your walls expand and contract over time.


SmartAdjust™ – Shower Collection

The smaller adaptability of SmartAdjust ensures that your VIGO product is easy to install and accommodate minor adjustments, such as out-of-plumb walls.


Seal-thru™ Technology – (already exists on site, just want to confirm the trademark) – Shower Doors

Continuous seal strips along the door prevent water leaks


RollerDisk™ Technology – Select Shower Enclosures

Roller disks with 3/8” built-in adjustability for out-of-plumb walls.


LockGuard™ – Select Shower Doors

The 2-part hinges are equipped with a locking system to prevent glass on metal contact.


MagnaLock™ Technology – Select Shower Doors

Magnetic strip keeps door closed and water in.

4Divert Valve™

4Divert Valve™ – Shower Panels

4-way diverter valve to control water operations.

3Divert Valve™

3Divert Valve™ – Shower Panels

3-way diverter valve to control water operations.


NanoCoat™ technology – Select Shower Panel 8011

Fingerprint resistant coating stainless steel


SoundAbsorb™ Technology – Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

Fully undercoated and padded with multi-layered sound-eliminating technology, also prevents condensation.


ZEROradius™ Corners – Select Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

Distinctive angular zero radius curved corners designed for functionality and easy cleaning.


SmartHandle™ – Select Kitchen Faucets VG02001 & VG02023

Moves 90˚ forward to allow for tighter spaces and delicate backsplashes.